BOU Café's mission is for consumers to enjoy each and every cup of BOU coffee and for our customers to earn greater profits, increase their revenue and set themselves apart from the competition with a top-quality product.

The entire BOU Café team works to guarantee the “Espresso Perfecto”, a consistently high-quality coffee that provides both pleasure and new sensations.

BOU coffees have a unique aroma and flavour that lift coffee drinkers to the golden peak of pleasure, where they will discover new sensations as they enjoy the “Espresso Perfecto”. BOU Café achieves this through a rigorous selection of coffee from different origins, which is surround roasted (with a different roasting curve for each origin) and used to create a unique blend, resulting in a cup of coffee of superb quality: the “Espresso Perfecto”. 

One of the basic pillars of BOU Café is its team of professionals from different disciplines, who strive to make each cup of coffee a true work of art and to ensure efficient service for our customers.